Influencers: Producer Arif Mardin - The Greatest Ears In Town

As a young musician and budding producer, as your "ears" develop, everything you hear is "food for thought", and not only that, but the old adage "you are what you eat .." might also be appropriate from a sonic perspective as well. As producers, engineers, sound designers, and recording artists, so much of our education comes from mimicking and emulating what others before us have created.
As I was reflecting on some influential recordings of my late teens and early 20's, the name of Producer Arif Mardin came up ...

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Master Alberta Jazz artists create a beautiful gem at Infinite Loop

A beautiful gem sparkles just as brightly in a room alone ... but, only when it touches the eye of it's beholder does it bedazzle and enchant.
Similarly, this gem of a tune was intended to sparkle in the production of Farewell, My Lovely ... However, as is often the case, not everything one submits for consideration can be included, leaving it without an ear to behold, potentially enchant, until now.

Here is a recording made at Infinite Loop by two of Alberta's finest jazz musicians Al Muirhead (trumpet) and Sheldon Zandboer (piano). I had the opportunity to have them both in the studio to add their incomparable touch, brilliance, and talents to the prepared score. As part of the session we made this moody interpretation of this classic jazz standard by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart.

You see, our private dick Philip Marlowe, hasn't always had the easiest time with things .. as those of us with a few scars to show for all the years know .. things can wear you down .. leave you with the blues ..

This famous tune was intended to help us feel just that .. that melancholy poem .. heard under a foggy street light .. in the formidable, impersonal city .. late at night .. with only the buzz of neon and the drone of a sleeping city for company .. it's tough to put your heart out on the line when you've already felt so much .. crooks, dames, smoking guns, dead ends and crystal balls ..
but there's still hope of solving the case ..  
A shadow cast in silhouette, like in an old film noir movie ... 

Farewell, My Lovely, presently playing until at the Arts Club in Vancouver until May 5. The Cast, Direction, and Production are GREAT and I highly recommend seeing it.
If you want to hear more of Al Muirhead 
his new CD It's About Time is available now at and Sheldon Zandboer's website is
I know they'd appreciate the support. It was a distinct honour to work with them both.
Some days my job is pretty great.
Oh ya, and the music that's still in the show is pretty swell too.