Outstanding Sound Design or Composition What The Thunder Said Nomination Betty Mitchell Awards 2015

Outstanding Sound Design or Composition In The Heat of the Night Nomination Betty Mitchell Awards 2014

Best Overall Sound The Sound Of Willy Nelson's Guitar Nomination AMPIA 2013

Best Original Musical Score Drama The Sound Of Willy Nelson's Guitar Nomination AMPIA 2013

Official Selection The Real Place Sundance Film Festival 2009

Best Original Musical Score The Real Place Non-Fiction Alberta Film & Television Awards AMPIA 2009

Best Of Alberta The Real Place CIFF Calgary International Film Festival 2009

Best Interactive Video Campaign Mercedes-Benz / JP Power Catalyst Award 2008

Broadcast Series Rolex Iconic Tours Applied Arts 2007

Broadcast Design Single/Series Rolex Applied Arts 2006

Grand Prix Winner Nike ID Cannes Cyber Lion Production Team Member 2001

Number One Song - Canadian Pop Radio Anno Domini by the band "A.D." December 1999

Best Short Film Belly Boat Hustle Alberta Film & Television Awards AMPIA 1999

Number One Song - Turkey Ataturkiye by the band "Vatan" 1998

Best Documentary Time For Mercy City TV Much Music Alberta Film & Television Awards AMPIA 1997

Best Reference Style CD ROM Lost Treasures Of The World PC World Magazine 1994